The Art of Tonal Sound: Music as a Social Kind and Natural Kind Activity, MLAG Discussion Papers, Vol. 11, Porto: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, 2019,  ISBN: 978-989-54030-9-7.

Book version of my PhD thesis.


(Anthology) Filosofia da Música: Uma Antologia, Lisboa, Dinalivro, 2014, ISBN: 9789725766316.

A series of translations of mine, with introduction, notes and a musical glossary. It gathers important texts in the contemporary philosophy of music, from several authors: Jerrold Levinson, Andrew Kania, Stephen Davies, Julian Dodd, Nick Zangwill, Jenefer Robinson, Roger Scruton and Malcolm Budd.


(Jerrold Levinson) Investigações Estéticas: Ensaios de Filosofia da Arte, Porto, Edições Afrontamento, 2020, ISBN: 978-972-36-1840-2

A selection of my translations of Prof. Jerrold Levinson's essays on several topics, from the definition of art, emotional responses to art, musical listening, literary meaning and interpretation, the nature of humor, erotic art vs pornography, and the concept of intrinsic value.

Organized by myself and Aires Almeida, with an introduction from both and a prefatory note by the author.